Walking the Walk: The route

Here is the route on Google Maps. Photos from the route Over Here and Over There are attached:


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Over Here Over There on Flickr

OverHere OverThere - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver
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Over Here Over There at Dusseldorf

Over Here Over There at DusseldorfVery exciting news. I’ve created an image which will be used to publicise the Over Yonder season at Dusseldorf airport. It’s going to be displayed on a 4m x 2m billboard in Terminal B.

It’s a more elaboate take on the header image for this site, with superimposed maps of parts of the Leeds-Huddersfield and Dortmund-Unna routes in the sky over figures in a landscape.

It might already be on display, I’m not sure what date it goes up.

Here’s a fairly large version of it http://tinyurl.com/2v9f9nk

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Live GPS route tracker

Our progress Walking the Walk on 17th October was broadcast live using an InstaMapper route tracker.

You can see our approach into Huddersfield on this map, it shows the last 50 points broadcast along our route on Sunday.

GPS tracking powered by InstaMapper

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Photos of Walking the Walk

Art #followohot on TwitpicHere are photos taken by Ralph Dartford on the walk:


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We walked the walk

Well, we did it. A happy band of 8 pedestrians and 2 cyclists completed the Over Here Over There route on Sunday 17th October, before collapsing into chairs in the Head of Steam at Huddersfield Station.

So, well done to Steve, Steve, Lewis, Andy, Ralph, Phil, Chris, Karen and Jon. Together we inscribed as good an estimation as we could of the Hellweg route between Dortmund and Unna onto the landscape between Leeds and Huddersfield.

Yes, we strayed from the path… apologies to any German residents who discerned our virtual footfall on their property as we digitally gardenhopped in our desperate attempts to stay faithful to the prescribed line across sometimes difficult terrain.

What did we find Over Here? A rudely overgrown footpath that we had to hack and slay our way through; a magical wood; bubbling orange brooks and an unexpectedly severe ascent; the incomparable Kayla’s Cafe; ancient pathways through modern suburbia; a beautiful twilight viaduct; and Huddersfield finally exploding into view as night fell.

And Over Here Over There? The delightful coincidence of Wickede’s Giraffen-Museum with Roberttown; an old railway arch substituted for a Dortmund church tower; Kampfstrasse sculptures of Wortley; approaching Unna via Dalton.

And the frightening stats: 9.5 hours to walk 20 miles. Keep an eye out here as I collate everything into a coherent whole accessible from this site.

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Article in Huddersfield Examiner

There’s a piece in today’s Examiner about the walk:


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Guest blogger on Guardian Leeds

I’ve written a piece about Over Here Over There as guest blogger for The Guardian’s Leeds blog. It was published this afternoon:


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Walking the Walk: Photos over there

Here are my photgraphs taken along the route between Dortmund and Unna on 9th October:


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Over Here Over There: Walking the Walk

OK, for anybody who would like to join us, or if you’d like to send us off from Leeds/ meet us back in Huddersfield, here are the times of the walk due to take place on Sunday 17th October. As myself and the core team are travelling to Leeds from Huddersfield, I’ve included that meeting time too:

7.30: Meet at Huddersfield Railway Station
7.45: Train to Leeds
8.30: Arrive at Leeds. Meet anybody who would like to join us or send us off at Leeds Railway Station
8.45: Begin walk from City Square outside Leeds Railway Station

Expected duration of walk is 8 hours. So…

16:45: Arrive at St. George’s Square outside Huddersfield Railway Station
17:00: Libations at the Head of Steam

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Visit to Dortmund

Dortmund from the HauptbahnhofWell, I just got back from Dortmund a couple of days ago. I was Over There to take photos along the route we’ll be travelling Over Here….

To clarify: I walked along the Hellweg between Dortmund and Unna, taking photos all along the route so we’ll have plenty of visual material to look at while we’re doing our walk on the 17th. The photos will be mapped onto the Hellweg and then superimposed along with the route over the British countryside.

Dortmund was great, and I was very well looked after Over There by Silvia and Ralf. If you’re reading this, lots of thanks to you both. My walk was under a dead grey sky, but good and cool for walking, and culminated with my first visit to Unna. I’ve been living in Huddersfield for many years now, and this is the first of its twin towns that I’ve visited. Beautiful town centre, pretty quiet though – much more quiet than Dortmund had been when I’d left it 4 hours previously.

So I’m now collating the products of my German visit in preparation for the walk. I’ll keep you posted as things move along.

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